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We’ve all heard them before: Fido, Lassie, Buddy, Sport and countless others. Many undoubtedly are from the still developing imaginations of four-year olds who are too excited by the licking and giggling to give too much consideration as to how a name, just like it’s human counterpart, must stay with a dog for life. Unlike humans, however, we are much more likely to have fun with our pet’s names than, say our offspring. After all, who would ever name their child Hershey just because he might have brown hair? But, with our pets, it is open season on descriptive names.

Some people take the naming of their pet very seriously. Content they will never be with a simple Champ.  Contempt would be visible in their eyes if you called their beautiful, proud boxer Champ. No, his name is Ali. Now that’s a name ……. And that’s a story. That’s exactly what this website is devoted to saluting. We invite folks who believe their pets are a member of the family and worthy of a name that is meaningful to share their stories. Don’t forget to include a photo.

Featured Story

"Einstein the Brilliantly Unintelligent WonderDog" - Einstein
Einstein was one of those dogs that no one wanted when he was a puppy...(so of course he came home with me.) He was able to get out of any situation: a privacy fenced yard, steel crate, the dog run at the boarding kennel, and even a locked house, it didn't matter how you tried to contain him. I was told the key to keeping him content...was constantly challenging his mind. After 6 obediance classes where he mastered everything lightening fast, the trainers and even strangers at "class" would set up difficult obstacle courses through the store or warehouse or field. He would proudly entertain a crowd and complete every stage as if to mock your efforts to "fool" him. He was happiest with me--it didn't matter where. He had his crazy moments to: He was upset that I was planting flowers in the yard when he thought we should be playing instead. So when I went out front to get another tray of pansies, he took the top off of a gallon jug of miracle grow and drank the contents. We rushed to the vet (after hours of course) only to find out that he was fine. He did have chemical plant gas for 3 days... There was the day that he decided that we didn't need curtains or blinds in the windows and decided to remodel the living room in the "While You Were Out" format. And at the boarding kennel where he "anonymously" freed the occupants for 2 nights until they caught him and he earned the special priviledge of 24 hour supervision. He was beloved by me, his trainers, the people he performed for, all of the staff at the vet's office, and even strangers at the park. I still miss him. This picture was with the Santa Claus at Feeders Supply to benefit the Kentucky Humane Society.
Posted By: special k