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We’ve all heard them before: Fido, Lassie, Buddy, Sport and countless others. Many undoubtedly are from the still developing imaginations of four-year olds who are too excited by the licking and giggling to give too much consideration as to how a name, just like it’s human counterpart, must stay with a dog for life. Unlike humans, however, we are much more likely to have fun with our pet’s names than, say our offspring. After all, who would ever name their child Hershey just because he might have brown hair? But, with our pets, it is open season on descriptive names.

Some people take the naming of their pet very seriously. Content they will never be with a simple Champ.  Contempt would be visible in their eyes if you called their beautiful, proud boxer Champ. No, his name is Ali. Now that’s a name ……. And that’s a story. That’s exactly what this website is devoted to saluting. We invite folks who believe their pets are a member of the family and worthy of a name that is meaningful to share their stories. Don’t forget to include a photo.

Featured Story

"Keller" - Keller
My work called for weekly visits to the local animal shelter, but one week I came home with something more than just video of the animals in need of a home. Not really looking to adopt at the time, fate had other ideas in mind. This week I encountered a two and a half pound puppy that was bow legged, malnourished, blind and cute as could be. With that one visit and roughly 27 viewings of the videotape I made of her we knew we had to adopt her. This puppy was named Keller in honor of the heroine of all physically challenged people – Helen Keller. Evidently God or at least, Helen was looking down on us, because as the story goes, Keller wasn’t blind at all. It turns out she just had some nasty ulcers on her eyes as the result of neglect and a little bit of sawdust. A few ointments later and Keller was healed. The bow legs fixed themselves and as for being malnourished that is now one thing you can not call Keller. Now, a whopping 35 plus pounds and looking a lot like a Corgi, Keller rules the roost. Unafraid of attacking the hind legs of a 100 pound lab, while at the same time, running scared toward her master when the wind whips loudly around the corner of the porch, Keller is a happy, precocious 3 year old. She’s also the inspiration for “Why Not Spot.”
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